Douglas Nowlan


RCM training provided Doug with a foundation that felt somewhat useless at the time but has paid off immensely in his journey as a keyboard player which started at 6 years old in kindergarten piano classes. 

From blues to rock to prog to pop to funk to jazz, Doug can blend and switch between genres and sounds in interesting and captivating ways. Influences are way too many to list but they include Oscar Peterson (of course), Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Stevie Wonder, Tony Banks, Oliver Jones, Jan Hammer, Joe Sealy, Joe Vanelli, Jane Vasey and a few bass players such as Jaco Pastorius, Chris Squire and Victor Wooten. 

Doug joined MYBM in April 2019 after a few months of careful consideration, practice and learning. He is also the current keyboard player for Big Night Out and Gone Fission who are Toronto based cover and progressive rock bands respectively. In addition to these bands he has also played in numerous one-off band projects in support of charities in the GTA. 

The trick to being a successful keyboard player is knowing when to be a rhythm player, when to provide the carpet for a soloist, when to be a lead player and when to be the sound effects guy. In other words, know how to make others sound good.” 

In addition to music performance Doug is a technology and Project Manager expert working with CMRRA, a music licencing agency that represents the vast majority of music publishers and copyright owners doing business in Canada.