Kevin Ellis
(bass/backup vocals)  

Growing up in the knife edged shadow of the cement factory smokestacks in gritty Lorne Park, Ontario, Kevin has had the blues since riding his first blue CCM Super Cycle. Getting by, pan handling old country tunes in his family’s living room until his parents gave him some change to go and grab a Lola, he knew there must be more. Early years included focusing on the bass and singing, and being heavily influenced by tremendous bass and stick players like Mark Egan (Pat Methney) Stanley Clark (Return to Forever), and Fergus Marsh (Cockburn, Big Faith). He also studied South and Central American guitar at RCM and stringed instrument making at OCAD, while working with clients like Lighthouse, Big Faith and independent performers and other art ventures. The Muddy York Blues Machine is a great mix of talent, great personalities, and dedication offering something unique and fun in the “new blues” space!